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Almost daily we receive email success stories of customers trying the diet program and seeing results just within the first week. With approval, we have listed a few success stories here below.

I started using your product and it really works. It's only been two days and I have already lost 4 pounds. -Dajana
WOW this stuff really works! I had it in my head that I was going to return it like I normally do with all the fake diet aids out there today. However, woohoo I don't have to return it. In fact I will be buying more and telling everyone I know about this amazing bottle. I lost 11 lbs in 9 days. I cheated and still lost. THANK YOU. - T, New Jersey
My husband and I started the diet on the 20th. Now after only 9 days I have lost 9 pounds!! And my hubby lost 9.5. Very excited! Thanks for a great product! -Christina, USAF
I am now 45 pounds thinner, thank you! I have tried three different weight loss products and programs just in the past six months, all with no success. In fact, I've even tried appetite surpressents, all with no luck. After seeing my best friend drop 30 pounds in less than a month, I had to try it. Now just 8 weeks into my program, I have already lost 45 pounds, and am still losing weight almost by the day. Just in the first 4 days I lost 5 pounds, and then the following week I lost another 10, and it just spiraled from there. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am living proof that this works. -Jacob, 27 male, California
I am down 26 pounds in less than a month! Plus, I am even wearing my sister's jeans and tops for the first time in years. This next month I have a high school reunion, and I will be ready! -Laura, Nevada
I am a walking success story for HCG. Two months ago I came back from out of the country and showed the customs agent my passport, and she laughed, asking how long ago my picture was taken. That was the straw that broke the camels back. On Monday I purchased the 21 day program, and now two weeks into the program, I have lost almost 20 pounds and counting. I will keep you posted. -Nick, Ohio
No more feeling ashamed by my weight. I was almost 40 and was considered obese. I have struggled with weight loss ever since my first child and now I feel good again. In two more weeks I will have lost 45 pounds, bringing me back down to my pre-baby weight. I've finally done it, thanks to HCG! -Sheila, Utah
For two weeks both my husband and I have been living the HCG diet and have lost almost 25 pounds just between the two of us. He has cut out sodas and we are still eating great meals thanks to the recipes on the website. After our 21 day program we will send you an update. -Texas

My thoughts on this diet. Well I was 276 pounds and I was strong as a bull, lifting heavy weights several days a week in the gym. But bending over and tying my shoes was even hard because it pushed my big stomach up into my chest and I couldn't breath, I had sleep apnea and was just tired... Charlene in Wilmington told me about this product and answered all my questions.. So, after doing that and watching the weight loss cure videos Part 1 through Part 8 on youtube, I said, I am gonna try this.. And so I got some.. Loved the first two days, who wouldnt!!! Then I started that 3rd day, well, I stuck with it and drank lots of water.. 60-100oz a day. I thought man, if I could just get to the low 260s maybe even the high 250s, I would be ecstatic.. Well I got up the 4th day, BAM, 5.4 pounds gone, next day 5.8 pounds gone (11.2 pounds gone 2 days).. I did this day after day and went by 255 like lightning and today day 22, I am at 238 pounds!! TOTALLY unbelievable. I cant thank official HCG for how you have changed my life and my health for the better. It seems every time they have a show on TV, you got 50 people who swear by it, and 3 doctors teling you it doesnt work!!! WHATEVER!!!! I know the first few days were tough battling hunger!! I almost gave in 2 nights in a row.. I was soooooo craving nachos and deep dish pizza, but I chugged my water and went to bed and woke up losing even more... And after about a week, it just got easy.. wasn't hungry anymore and each day I would get up, weigh, smile, and say, ok I can do this another day with no problem... So, I'm really, really happy with my results and people are asking me why I am smiling so much and I tell them I just lost 38 pounds in 3 weeks, and they want to know right there how I did it... Guess what I tell 'em??? I will tell every person I can. You better bet your bottom dollar on that... You guys have been good to me and I'm going to tell everyone!! You guys are really awesome.... Thank you again from the bottom of my heart... - Shawn

HCG Diet Before and After Picture

This is what Element HCG has done for me... - Trevor

I purchased your HCG product and received it February 4th 2011. I thought that I would give it a try. I am approaching 40 in a few years and was told that I had high cholesterol and that I was pre diabetic. I knew that I was over weight and that I needed a change but this was a huge wake up call for me. I have four kids and a very busy life with a special needs child. I have tried so many things only to see little or no results and after a lot of research I decided to go ahead with the HCG weight loss plan.

I'm 47 years old, I have a 5 year old son and a most fabulous husband. There is little in my life that I can complain about...except for my weight. I have battled it all my life, ups and downs, and had almost given up. Then I heard about hCG - and eventually I found my way to The Official HCG Diet Plan. I think it was love at first loss! I lost 20 lbs in my first 21 day round - and found it very easy to keep that weight off while between rounds. I started round 2 10 days ago and have lost 10.8 lbs in the first 9 days. I'm so happy I can barely contain myself... after adding in the small gain during my gorge days, I am away from my 30 lb loss by only .8 lbs. This is such an exceptional program and you guys have a star product! I would know because I was drawn into a sale hCG before buying this one and the sale...isn't really a sale, it's a rip off. Not this product tho... it's fantastic! I have 5 other people who have bought this product because it works so well for me, and all who have started are enjoying a huge success as well. Hats off to you guys at Element HCG! - Tammy

I ordered my hcg drops from Element HCG at www.ElementHCG.com on March 10th, 2011 at 8 am after reading all the helpful information on their website and received my drops the very next day. The price was reasonable and the customer support is great.

Now on my very low calorie day 36, I have lost 28 pounds and am very satisfied with this product and am grateful for all of the information about the product and diet that is available on the website. I have recommended HCG drops from Element HCG to several friends and a couple of them have already ordered drops and they've been losing pounds too. I continue to talk about this great, effective product and diet so that my friends can also lose the weight they've been wanting to for years but have been struggling to do so until now.

On top of having a great product, Element HCG offers an incentive for past customers who recommend their product!

Thank you Element HCG! - Kathryn

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This is the product we have been using and loosing on.

  • Darla 32 round 2 goal met
  • Connie 10 round 1 goal met
  • Dannie 19 ongoing
  • Amie 22.5 round 1 ongoing
  • Jeff 10 round 1 ongoing 4 days
  • Lisa 20 round 1 ongoing 15 days
  • Ruth Ann 17 round 1 goal met
  • Carrie’s mother in law 100 pounds
  • Carrie’s father in law 70 pounds
  • Carrie 25 pounds round 2 goal met
  • Connie 42 round 3 goal met

- Darla


Thanks to ElementHCG.com's help and their awesome e-mail support, I have lost 22 pounds in my first round of HCG drops...I have 6 days left and have never felt better.

I plan on doing 2 more rounds to reach my goal weight...to anyone who is hesitant...DO IT! You will be so glad you did, and one month of small sacrifices pays off for life. It is so much easier than I thought! - Lauren

I was skeptical at first about it but since I had seen a few people around me experience success with it, I decided..."why not?". I purchased my Homeopathic HCG from ElementHCG.com over two weeks ago. I waited after my birthday to begin and so I started last weekend with my first two binge days. I had already lost 7 lbs on my own through exercise and watching my food intake, I couldn't believe how much weight I had gained by taking the drops and eating everything in sight for Phase I. After losing those 7 lbs, I was scared because it took me so long to lose it that I was afraid that I would not be able to lose it again on the HCG. Skeptical or not, I went for it. I started strictly on the diet and taking the drops religiously and the first day I dropped 3 lbs., 2nd day 4 lbs, 3rd day 2 lbs, 4th day 1 lb. and 5th day 2 lbs. I am on my 6th day now and had a slight gain of .4 lbs but that is because I didn't drink a whole lot of water yesterday and although I followed some of the diet, I didn't eat a whole lot of salad either and didn't have my fruit. Back on it again, strict as ever. I have not been able to lose 12 lbs. in 5 days doing any kind of exercise or diet EVER!!! Seeing these results just motivates me to keep going. The diet was a little hard at first but if you look online there are many options in terms of food as long as you are not close minded about your options. My suggestion is that if the results are this good, that you open your mind and try it out yourself. What do you have to lose? I was skeptical, but I am skeptical no longer. I have another 27 lbs. pounds yet to lose and I will be at my target weight! What are you waiting for? - Anonymous

I just wanted to let you know that I have been on the HCG diet for 7 days now beginning on January 1. Yesterday, I was down 10 lbs (6 days)! My weight didn't go down today, but I cheated a little yesterday and am back strict today. I have been able to loose weight on other diets but not to this extent - and without feeling hungry. One of the best aspects of the diet to me is the creative cooking. I have used various spices to make Seet and Sour Chicken (add the apples and some vinegar and lime juice), Curry Chicken and Turkey Chilli. My kids want to eat my food! I also have been enjoying baked apples with cinammon and a little vanilla extract (not exactly on the diet list, but far below 500 calories, I'm not worried.) I intend to lose 80 lbs total over the course of 2 or 3 cycles this year. At the rate I am going, it will only take 2 cycles to get to my goal. Frankly, I expect it to slow down, but I still foresee intense weight loss over the next 40 days. Thank you for making this available at an affordable price. I need the help that this has given me. - Anonymous

My husband and I both tried your diet. I was very skeptical. But the results are amazing. We both did the 43 day program. I lost 20 pounds and my husband lost 40. Our family and friends are amazed. The hardest part of the diet is explaining it to everyone else who wants to try it! Several of my friends have started also and are having great results. I will never try any other diet again! - Tracy

Thank you. Lost 22 lbs in 12 days..Hate to stop but going to Friday when leave for vacation...then start back Jan 1. This is second time I have done this diet first time with shots. The drops work so much better for me have not been hungry at all. Took diet pills with shots because I was so hungry. Love your product. Absolutely no side effects. - Johnny

Just wanted to give y'all some feedback. I started my drops the second week of September and ended mid October, I lost 5 dress sizes. I stopped weighing because I found that if I focused on just weight that I stressed and it is hard to lose weight when stressed. I lost those 5 dress sizes and even cheated daily! These drops are the most amazing diet supplemen I have ever used! I like food and if I am able to cheat and still lose pounds that is perfect! So I just want to thank y'all! I have sent many people your way and have even gotten some of our women from my church, Rope Catch and Ride for Christ, to try them. We are spreading the word quick because they are truely amazing! - Rachel L.

Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve made my goal weight in just 25 days. I dropped 26 pounds in this period of time and I have never felt better. The last time I was in the 170s was during my first year of marriage 23 years ago. Why did I wait so long. LOL! Thank you HCGdietplan. - Todd

Everything was excellent since I ordered my drops. I have 7 days beginning with the protocol and I lost 10 pounds. Heart! no decision is worse than no risk. El servicios estuvo exelente, desde que ondene mis gotas. Tengo 7 dias que empeze el protocolo y ya perdi 10 libras. Animense gorditos! no hay peor decicion que el no arriesga. - Luz

I just wanted to say… why the heck did I wait so long? I have been on the drops for 7 days, I am down 12 pounds and feel great. I ordered at 10am, received an email at 2pm that my order was shipped. The hardest part of this diet, was waiting the 2 days for my HCG to be delivered… which was way faster than I thought. Amazing…… absolutely amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! - Terrie

I just finished the HCG diet and completed my weight loss goal. I was at 132.50 and wanted to lose just 10 lbs. And I did just that! At 122.50. We will be ordering more HCG from you for my husband. Now he wants to try it. - Anonymous

Hello I am very happy to let you guys know that in 12 days of taking the product so far I have lost 37 pounds. Started at 454lbs and this morning I Wieghed 417lbs. I can't wait to see 399!!! - Anthony

I just received my hCG here in Jamaica, thank you! It took 2 days to reach here and it had to clear customs, yet still got it today. Thank you very much. I hope to begin soon and will give you an update on my results. Thanks! - Terry

My son in law is an OBG-YN. He has his own practice. I am on HCG right now and also one of the girls in his office is on your product. We love being the benefactor of your product. It works!! - Bonnie

I am in my 10th day of the HCG protocol...lost 11 pounds and think this is amazing! - Peggy

Hi, I have just finished my first bottle of HCG, and have lost 24 lbs!!! - Vivian

I have been using the HCG for 5 days and have lost 6 - 7 pounds already! - Miranda

I am a recent customer of yours and am extremely pleased with your product (HCG Oral Drops).  I know how difficult it is, from experience of my own, to lose that stubborn fat that just won't go away on its own.  I eat healthy and go to the gym regularly, but still struggled for years to lose that extra weight.  Nothing seemed to work.  Since buying the HCG Oral Drops, I lost twenty pounds in three weeks and it has stayed off.  It is truely a miracle in my eyes.  Since this breakthrough, I have begun researching other homepathc remedies and am now getting ready to open a store of my own, specializing in homepathic products.  I would love to offer your products to my customers. - Jennifer